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Something about this show. Something about this season.

I have never before wanted to punch a finalist in the face as badly as I want to punch Candice... and I have never cared so much about a pair winning as I do about Maks and Meryl winning. I know it's likely going to be Derek again, because Amy's story is so strong. She is so amazing and I am totally okay if she wins, but I have an admitted Chmerkovskiy problem.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about dancing, and how I really want to learn to do it. Seeing the bit of dance that Cal and I did in our AO skit on the playback, and knowing that my form should have been better, that I /know/ better, just makes me want to train my body to do that.

Anyway. I got to finish the season this morning, and my feels were justified. And there was a lot of Val in the finale too, dancing in various group numbers. I'm so proud of Maks, and I now want to go find RPF, which is rare for me, but again... Chmerkovskiy brothers and their sexy sexy partners.

Ignore me, I'll be over here.


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