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Posting this to my journal for personal reference. Ampliracathon has been and will continue to be utterly delightful for getting to see what other people love and sharing too many rambles about what I love.

Organized by fandom.

Sherlock Holmes
BBC Sherlock
There will always be the fondest place in my heart for stories that existed in the long hiatus between Series 1 and 2, especially for those that took off from the canon and predicted resolutions to The Great Game. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Dealt Hand/The Ten Gunmen Written by Solsticezero, Read by FayJay
One of several fics which pick up right at the end of The Great Game, this story does not go the explosion route and gets some serious bonus points in retrospect for possessing shades of Moriarty's strategy which we didn't actually see until The Reichenbach Fall. Of a few stories which I feel were much more powerful than the infamous BeeGee's Moment, this one became the core of my head-canon in the hiatus. It is serious, intense, and beautifully narrated by Fayjay/pandarus. A lot of loose ends are tied up in this story, including Sarah, Harry, Moriarty's many snipers and more.
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Shadows on the Wall Written by AraSigyrn, read by Lunchee ([profile] munching_lunch)
Series 1 goes exactly as shown, but this story is from John's POV, and he has certain skills that make his understanding a little different from Sherlock's. Not only are the characterizations stunning and Arasigyrn's writing beautiful, but Lunchee's performance (and editing effects for John's abilities) are completely awesome. The story deals with fallout after TGG only slightly, and I won't spoil what would basically be the end. If you want to relive season 1 while really appreciating what an amazing man John Watson is, this is the story for you.
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The Heart in the Whole Written and read by Verity Burns.
Extravagantly long and beginning from an explosion following the Great Game. Sherlock receives a head wound in that final confrontation, and despite quick medical care, it robs him of his sight. This is a stunning story of John and Sherlock approaching a relationship and adapting to one another with Sherlock's new disability. I believe it must have been finished after the announcement of the titles of the Series 2 episodes, since it references Belgravia (not the canon episode) and works toward an entirely different kind of Reichenbach.
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The Progress of Sherlock Holmes Written by Ivy Blossom, read by Cellar Door
There is an intro on this story that explains that it is written in first person present tense, which means listening to this is a bit more intense than most stories. It is worth it. Cellar Door has a stunning talent with the Sherlock accent, and the performance is impeccable. This story feels very natural in the Sherlock-verse, it discusses the 'sociopath' issue, it grows a relationship from a friendship in fits and starts, and I love it for that. It involves Mary very heavily, and I actually like her character a lot. I was sad somewhere about six hours in when I realized that it wasn't going to end all OT3-fluff for me, but the character development and story are amazing.
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The Paradox Series Read by FayJay, Bronwyn, and RevolutionaryJo
This is an emergency rec-list update to include my favorite Sherlock fic ever. Of all time. This series (An Act of Charity, Paradox Suite, The Death and Ressurection of the English Language, Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name, Wider than a Mile, New Days to Throw Your Chains Away, and A Thousand Threads of What Might Have Beens) was the only story that I could turn to after Season 2 that still felt right and ok after the trauma of Reichenbach. Not because they are accurate to show canon now, but because they create such a strong version of the characters and their relationship that I could fully occupy the Paradox Universe and still get my Sherlock fix. I do feel that warnings are necessary for these stories. Sherlock's mind is more than a bit not good at times, and there is discussion of violence, drug use, near-death, mercy killing, and so much more. BUT. It is an absolutely beautiful series which captures a stunningly brilliant and cracked Sherlock and his total (if unspoken) love for John Watson. Really. Give it a try, you will want to live on starlight and crime scenes forever more.
Texts - Archive Page for Series - Bronwyn's Recordings: & New Days

Sherlock (Gen)
The Goodge Street Gambit (or The Controversial Non-Holmesian Principle) Written by definewisdom, Read by Fayjay
100% Gen. Tiny lovely case fic which involves John and Lestrade playing Mornington Crescent (as heard on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue) and Sherlock trying to deduce the rules. Perfect in every way.
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Endgame Written by AJ Hall, Read by FayJay
Short case-fic where Sherlock uses chess as an interrogation method. Interesting because it is told fromm the PoV of an OFC, so you get a very different view of Sherlock than you see in most fic.
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Sherlock Holmes Classic/Movie
Twelfth Night Written by Katie Forsythe, read by Dodificua
If you want to know why I am in love with Katie Forsythe's writing, but don't want to delve deep into the longer series... this is the story for you. It is sweet, clever, self-deprecating, and charmingly romantic. There are still points where I can not stop smiling in fangilish glee at the dialogue. Really. Dodificus is perfect as a reader in this story, and I adore every minute of it.
Love Series Written by Katie Forsythe, Read by General Jinjur, Mific, and Jane Turenne
"Four Minor Interludes for Solo Violin", "Hallowed be Thy Name", The Lucky One", "The Presbury Letters", and "The Violet Elepahant". This series is single handedly responsible for bringing me into Sherlock Holmes fandom. No joke. Katie writes these characters with so much love, so much attention to detail, and so much delicate reference to the canon that you can't help falling in love with them. The readers for all the various recordings are excellent, though since I listened to The Presbury Letters fist, Mific will always be the voice of Classic ACD canon in my head.
Text - Archive (For all Podfic of the Author's Works)

[AU] History, Repeating Itself Written by Gyzym, read by Speccygeekgrrl
Modern AU. Holmes is a grad student who hates everyone, Watson is recently returned from Afghanistan and starting on a medical degree. They move in together through the clever orchestration of Sherlock's meddling older brother. If ever a story could take the characters of Sherlock Holmes and spin them in a new and interesting way, this fanfic does it right. Warnings for drugs (Sherlock), PTSD (John), and excessive awesome (everyone). There's even Moriarty. Or is there?
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BBC Merlin
Merlin (Canonical Setting)
Off the Beaten Path Written by Natala, Ready by CookieMom6067
Merlin disappears and it starts a chain reaction that changes the fate of everyone. This is one of my favorite canon-twisting stories, it brings the main cast closer together and builds a trust that the series itself refuses to give us.
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Crown of the Summer Court Written by Astolat, Read by Fayjay
When the faerie court comes to Camelot to hold the trials to choose a new king, Merlin's magic is revealed and his life changes dramatically. I love basically everything that Astolat writes, her dialogue is great, her characters are strong and endearing, and there are always suprises. FayJay does a great job in this reading, using some cool vocal editing on voices for the elves. The featured music is great as well, and there's some art for the covers that was clearly drawn for this story in particular, which is awesome.
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Beltane Cycle Written by Astolat, Read by FayJay
Much more serious series of stories following an attack in Camelot where Merlin is forced to reveal his magic. This is a great story with the loyal knights building a team with Arthur, and everyone coming to terms with Merlin's power. Astolat writes battle and dialogue with equal skill, and FayJay has a great voice for both Arthur and Merlin as well as for the background knights and characters.
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Three Tasks Written by Syllic, Read by PennyPlainKnits
In which Arthur assumes the mantle of "Royal Arbiter of Suitable Suitor Disputes" and has to help arrange tasks to test a group of suitors competing for Merlin's attentions. The tasks are interesting to read, Arthur is hilariously serious in his role and very sweet. Penny is one of my favorite readers, especially in the Merlin fandom.
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Merlin (AU)
The Student Prince Written and read by FayJay ([personal profile] pandarus)
Modern AU at St. Andrew's University, which in addition to being the home of the UK School of Sorcery, is also the school that Arthur, Prince of Wales will be attending for his degree. The story is nearly fifteen hours long, recorded. The dialogue is witty and entertaining, the relationships are developed beautifully, and the accent work in the recording adds a whole extra layer of depth to the characters. The plot is a delightful combination of evil-of-the-week defenses by Merlin, group bonding amongst all the various leads, and the slow build of friendships and romance. There is a speech near the end that is possibly my favorite few paragraphs ever written, but I'll let you reach it on your own. Even if you don't watch Merlin, I think this story is stunning, and that almost anyone would love it.
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The Universal Language Written by Srin, read by Sophinisba.
This is a gorgeous Morgana story in a modern AU where she and the others have been reincarnated. It's a part of the larger Timing 'Verse, most of which occurs after this story and deals with Arthur and Merlin. Both performance and story are great, and if the podfic leads you over to read the other stories as well, you're in for a treat.
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Drastically Redefining Protocol Written by Rageprufrock, read by [personal profile] revolutionaryjo or [profile] munching_lunch
Both versions of this story are excellent podfic, so you can pick your poison. The story is a fun modern au where Merlin is studying to be a doctor and Arthur is heir to the throne. It's got Morgana, it's got Gwen, it's got the Queen of Denmark, and it's got inadvisable iPhone photos. If you are one of the two Merlin fans out there who hasn't listened to this yet, you won't regret it. The vocal performances and effects used in both versions are awesome, RevolutionaryJo's voice for ONTD and the internet in general are awesome. Lunchee's timing in the comedic dialogue is pure gold.
Text - Archive (For whole series)

Pairing Pendragon/Merlin Written by anonymous, read by [profile] munching_lunch
AU where all the main cast are fans in the fandom of Starz "Camelot" series. In the freetalk, Lunchee calls this story a love letter to fandom and I can't think of a better way to say it. The story just overflows with all the joy and friendship that you can find from a fandom that you love. The reading conveys exactly that, it's sweet and playfull and just good fun to listen to. There's also excellent use of sound effects and voice for various things like LJ comments, G-talk chats, hurried typing, and so much more.
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Not Time's Fool Written and read by FayJay
In which a witch whammies Dean and turns him into a girl. This is not in any way acceptable to Dean. I love this story, I love the development of the relationship between Sam and Dean, and the porn is stunningly hot. There I said it. This is the Supernatural story I've listened to the most. (Obviously steer clear if genderswap is a squick trigger for you.)
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How Becky Totally Saved the World... Written by Girl_Wonder, Read by reena_jenkins
Spoilers into mid-late season 5. I don't know how to explain how and why I love this story so much. There's very little Sam and Dean in it at all, because it's about Becky being a mature human being and dealing with the End of the World in a very practical way using her network of LJ friends. It's quite lovely, because you know if it came down to it, fandom could totally take Lucifer down if we needed to. <3
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Only Sweeter Written by Rivkat, Read by yourrighteye.
A bad fight with a faerie wipes Dean's memory, but with all the memories of hell and the apocalypse gone, Sam decides maybe that will be for the best. Sam/Dean with slow, sweet development and putting themselves back together and a great smooth reader. (ETA - there is a podfic of the coda/epilogue story too. Let the Good Times Roll)
- Archive

Captured By the Game Written by RivkaT, read by Reena_Jenkins.
Seasons 1 and 2 if Sam was taken by Azazel, raised in a demon commune with the other special kids, and then sent out to gain the trust of a hunter called Dean Winchester. Dean grew up alone with John and his grief, and then John disappeared. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Beautiful reinterpretation with great dialogue and relationship development. Reena_jenkin's performance is beautiful, bringing great emotion and tension to the characters.
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Supernatual and CW RPF/J2
Star Struck Written and Read by FayJay
AU. Jared Padalecki runs a comic store in San Antonio, which is visited one day by A-list super star actor Jensen Ackles. Pseudo-dates and a relationship ensue. This story is incredibly sweet and compelling, and handles their development really well. There's a great cast of background characters, and Jensen's film career is /soo/ much fun to imagine.
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Food Porn Written by likeanything/unreckless, Read by FayJay
AU. Jared and Jensen are roommates, Jared works at a restaurant (Supernatural) and Jensen writes a food blog and books. The whole cast of usual suspects is around at the restaurant, and the group dynamic is great fun to read. Between the dialogue and the discussions of food and cooking, this is an amazingly fun story to listen to over and over.
- Archive

JRobot Written by sandymg, Read By fromcainwthlove
AU. Newest of my stash of J2 stories, this is an AU where Jensen has invented a robot clone of himself. I've given it a couple of listens already and it's becoming a fast favorite. Great Sci-fi plot while still having character growth and a romance sub plot. Also, Chad is in it and isn't a complete dick which is a nice chance.
Text - Archive

Ready, Fire, Aim Series Written by Gyzym, Ready by Reena_Jenkins
Pre-Movie imagining of how the movie might go. Or maybe just based on the Earths Mightiest Heroes TV series. These stories sold me entirely on the Avengers concept, made me excited for the movies, and got me involved in the Marvel multi-verse. They are hilariously awesome, with great dialogue, and everything else you could want from Steve/Tony fic. Also, there is Thor. 'Nuf said.
and Sequel - Archive and Sequel

Meeting of the Minds (Comic Verse) Written by Nix/CrimsonQuills, Read by Kalakiriya
Tony has permanently altered his mind with the Extremis, and now it's killing him. The best minds around have come up with an option to fix it, but Tony wants nothing to do with it. Tony/Steve. This story has a telapathic bond done very very right. There are also more stories in the series, which are pretty awesome as well.
Text - Archive

Only John Wayne Left in this Town Written by Gyzym, Read by Regonym.
Let me talk to you about Clint Barton and the epic story of the love between a man and his Banjo. Like everything Gyzym writes, this is true to every character in it, has great tone, a great story, and a pretty kick-ass soundtrack too. (Available for download separately, not in the podfic sadly. Regonym is an excellent reader for Avengers stories, with a clear accent, and great audio quality.
Text - Archive - FicMix

By Any Means Necessary Written by Salvage and Read by Lianabob
So let's talk about this for a minute: How Iron Man 2 goes down when Clint is assigned to Tony instead of Natasha. I can not actually tell you how cool this story is, because it really really is. There's Clint/Tony porn, there's Clint/Phil porn, there is great dialogue, there is awesome sexy Hawkeye. What's not to like?
Text - Archive

Epilogue Written by sam_storyteller, Read by Fleur Rochard.
Assume you didn't stay in the theater to see Shwarma. If that is true, then this is the absolute perfect immediate follow up to the movie. Loki gets punched and locked up, the team cleans up, Clint is naked, Thor is socially awkward, Steve is too good to be true, and the world starts to put itself back together.
The dialogue in the story is as awesome as all Sam's dialogue usually is [Like Clint's argument that he should get a free shot], as are his characterizations [Clint and Natasha comparing battle wounds would absolutely happen]. Don't let Fleur Rochard's accent throw you off, she's a really good reader. There is something about Fleur's Tony voice that I absolutely adore. [Near the start when he calls Loki bag of cats and says 'Then Shwarma.'] Anyway, it's short and it's awesome, and mostly gen.
Text - Archive

Short Cut Stories/Bedtime Stories Written by Gyzym, Read by Kalakirya
These stories are the sweetest little bits of the team and Tony and Steve with a kid that I've ever found. They are written very off the cuff, and the reading carries that feeling across. Kalakirya is exhuberant, giggling, racing through the asides... she just sounds like all the love you feel for a fandom when reading great fic. Also, her Thor voice is booming and magnificent. Yeah. Just go listen now.
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Chaos War Written by Astolat, Read by TinyPinkMouse
Post-Avengers (or Post Thor) for Thor and Loki. Odin brings Loki back from banishment for a purpose. This is the most stunningly beautiful story about war and love in Asgard that I have ever read/heard. There is a powerful sense of the way time passes for the Aesir, as well as a stunning portrayal or the true depths of Loki's madness. Thor/Loki, NC-17, DS themes.
[ETA - Apparently Kalakiriya has done a recording of this as well. I am excited and off to listen to her version now. XD)
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Star Trek XI (2009)
[AU] √π233/hy7 (Illogical Series)
Close-canon AU stories from various points of view. This whole series is fantastic, it brings in history from TOS, it gives us total badass!Wynona Kirk. There is Sam Kirk, there is backstory for Amanda Greyson, there is Tarsus story, there is background for Pike! Anything you want to know or imagine about the greater universe of this new Star Trek universe is here, and it's lovely. The reading is excellent as well, and I'm so glad that all the parts were read by the same reader, helping them all tie together when one pops up on random shuffle.
Text - Archive

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit Written by [personal profile] lazulisong, Read by Templemarker
A touching tale about the bond between all the survivors of the USS Kelvin, and Jim Kirk's language sets. There is so much about this story that is awesome. It ties in a non-human OC to the whole plot, it references Tarsus, and it reminds us all that Jim kirk is not just another stupid action hero. There is also cursing in Vulcan. Templemarker is the perfect reader for this story as well, her McCoy is brilliant, and I love her delivery for basically all the dialogue.
Text - Archive

[AU] Rock Star
Jim Kirk is a cynical reporter, Spock is the lead singer of a new age rock band. Jim is assigned to review a show as punishment for acting up and gets much more than he barganined for. This story has great group bonding, as well as Chapel and Uhura being badasses in the background. Kirk/Spock, Sulu/Checkov, Various Others.
Text - Archive

Torchwood/Doctor Who
Reclaiming Camelot Written by Tanarian, Read by fairyd123

Jack/Ianto Jack runs away at the end of Series 1, this is how things might have gone whe he came back. AU after season 1, and in some ways I wish the story had gone this way. There's great development for Tosh and for Ianto, and there's great connection back to the history of Doctor Who and to Jack as a former companion, even while rebuilding his team.
Text - Archive

How the Winds are Laughing Written by Kathryn Andersen, Read by juniperphoenix
Donna Noble after the Parting of the Ways. Donna has lost a lot of time, and she sets about trying to remember. We all know no one could fix what happened to her, not even The Doctor. Or well... not the Tenth Doctor. Stunning story, excellent fix-it for Donna, great tie-ins to other bits of the Doctor Who mythology. I haven't heard much else by Juniper Phoenix, but she does a great job with this story.
Text - Archive

Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive Written by dira sudis, Read by superstitiousme
This story is the only ONLY M-Preg that I will ever sign off on. That said, it also existed in the perfect place for my head canon between seasons 2 and 4 (I refused to watch CoE for a very long time). Jack and Ianto and a strangely non-alien baby. Beautiful cameos from The Doctor and Martha, and the greatest kid ever written in fanfic (until Jaime in the Shortcut Universe).
- Archive

Other Fandoms
Stealing Harry Written by copperbadge/Sam_Storyteller, Read by RevolutionaryJo.
First part of a longer AU where Lucious Malfoy was framed for Peter's murder instead of Sirius, and Sirius and Remus end up taking young Harry away from the Dursley's. There is excellent manipulation of the existing plot into new plans by Voldemort's followers, there is great development for other background characters (the Tonks family, Neville, even little Draco), and the story overall is just excellent. RevolutionaryJo's reading is fantastic as well, and pulled me in completely despite me being less of an HP fan than some.
Text - Archive

Tissue of Silver Written by FearlessDiva, Read by FayJay
AU-ish future predicted after book four. Harry/Draco. Lovely story that fills in all it's gaps with believable detailed history of both the characters and the magical world in general. FayJay's reading, particularly for Snape and Draco, is fantastic.
Text - Archive

White Collar
Jeffrey Nullier's "Man with Fedora" Written by Sam_Storyteller, Read by Lunate8
Gen, Case Fic. A very very long con comes back to bite Neil in the ass. It's a great story, with all the things that I love about White Collar brought together perfectly. The reading is awesome, and there's cool original sound art in between chapters, which gives the whole recording a great feel.
Text - Archive

Reasonable Doubt series
Peter/Elizabeth/Neil In the parts of Season 2 where things at the FBI seemed very uncertain. An interesting look at all the ways in which a proper relationship would have compromised all of them in different ways, and how they might have worked their way out of it. A fun look at the development of the threesome with bits from everyone's point of view.
Text - Archive

Ask Me How Written by Fayhe, Read by NickelMountain
Short character study of Dexter after Season 1 of the TV series. Mourning, learning, hallucinating. All in a days work for your friendly neighborhood Serial Killer. This story is perfect, and came along at the perfect time for me based on where I was in the series too. NickelMountain's performance is superb, with the perfect amount of controlled emotion and the concise tones you would expect from Dexter.
Text - Archive

Baby [Supernatural/Doctor Who] Written by Apropocity, Read by Reena_Jenkins
Impala PoV. Impala/Tardis suggested. Short and sweet, and suprisingly emotional. I can't describe how awesome this story is, but it really is. Give it the ten minutes it takes, you'll like it.
Text - Archive

The Man with No Name [Firefly/Doctor Who] Written by , Read by Liannabob
Immediately after The Runaway Bride for The Doctor, and some time after Serenity for the Firefly crew. The Doctor is always taken where he needs to be, and he and the crew of Serenity are brought together to solve a dangerous problem. Everyone is healing in this story, and it is beautifully painful to bring all these characters together with all those emotions. Liannabob is so good in her reading of this story that I couldn't listen to anything else she'd narrated for a long time without wanting to go back and listen to this one again. Her Chinese may be off, but it sounded fine to me, and the flow of the dialogue and character banter is utterly perfect.
Text - Archive

Old Country [Supernatural/Harry Potter] Written by Astolat, Read by FayJay
Dean Winchester is a Hufflepuff who thinks he's a Gryffindor, Sam Winchester is a Slytherin who thinks he's a Ravenclaw. Set in the year after Dean's deal. Sam and Dean find out things about their mother's side of the family that they never expected. I love this story both as a Harry Potter continuation (it happens after Book 7) and as a Supernatural AU. Astolat's plot and dialogue are fantastic as always, and if I keep saying nice things about FayJay's reading skills I'll oversell them and people will stop believing me.
- Archive

The Truth is a Beautiful and Terrible Thing [Harry Potter/Merlin]
This story is short, but it's one of those short canon-plausible crossovers that will crawl inside your head and make scary amounts of sense.
Text - Archive

Pocket Full of Stones [White Collar/Thor(or Norse mythology)]
Neil Caffrey is never who you think he is. This is more true in this story than most. See the description in the last rec. Once I had heard this, it was all I could think about for a couple of days... and it still crosses my mind any time I watch White Collar.
Text - Archive

This Bitter Earth [Supernatural/Criminal Minds] Written by art_savage, Read by waiting4rain42.
Gen, after the shitstorm in Monument, CO but before most of the other madness that followed for the Winchesters. It's got the whole Criminal Minds team, and it's written beautifully for them. Looking at the Winchester's through the eyes of the BAU team is very cool, and of course, the Winchesters win out in the end. ^_^
Text - Archive

Unorthodox Methods [Supernatural AU/White Collar] Written by captandeastar, read by Reena_Jenkins
If Sam carried on at Stanford and went on to a career with the FBI. Peter Burke's team gets him as a new probie, and learns that sometimes they just need to look the other way for some cases. I love this combination of characters and stories, and the read is great as always.
Text - Archive

Paper Chase [White Collar/Sherlock] Written by Sam_Storyteller, Read by FayJay and Lunate8
Sherlock is called in to consult with the FBI when a serial killer starts targeting artists in New York. The reading on this story is awesome because you get Lunate for parts from Neal and Peter's PoV and FayJay for Sherlock and John's. This story is perfect for both sets of characters, and there is a sequel which hasn't been recorded as podfic yet, but is equally amazing.
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